Praying over a glass of water

Water Blessings Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Blessing. Water is the greatest of substances. It is closely connected to the feminine and to the psyche, the intuition.

Now, the great flow of life is in water, therefore you give the water blessing. Each little one [we here on earth ] has their own hands, has their own heart, they have their own sense of connection, to me, for this water blessing, the Kwan Yin Water Blessing.

For the most part, your water is not clear and clean and crystal pure -- you know that. Water gets recycled many times and it becomes flat. Not only does it look flat and taste flat, but the actual crystalline structure becomes flat.

Water is a liquid crystallization. When you use your water blessing, it is important that you use focus on realizing that there are a group of molecules, a group of electrons in there, and there is prana in there.

And that is what you are focusing on, the prana. With this blessing, you are doing a prana exchange, or a prana impregnation into the particular water. But you are not really doing it, you are just reminding the water of its perfection. There is the knowing that the water of the universe comes from God, and that each molecule is but a mirror of God. Therefore, whatever energy is projected on, toward, around or in the molecule of water is vibratorily set.

It becomes the vibration of that water. Any water source is very, very susceptible to vibration. So talking to water makes it happier. Talking to water makes it more blessed. If you were going to a lake and you notice that it needs some pepping up, you would go every single day, or you would go every morning and evening. And you would do the water blessing and you would pray for the well-being of the water. Talk to the water as if you would love to see the reflection of God in every droplet.

And you would use per chance, a cup of water, and you would bless this water and you would add it. But as you did it, you would look upon the water of the lake and imagine, project upon the visualization into that water, permeating every droplet of water in the lake. A drop or two of blessed water is enough to change the vibration of other water while using the blessing at the same time. Vibratorily, it will raise the lake's vibration right away.

It will not necessarily sparkle and shine right away. Sometimes it will take 7 days before you will notice something. It is a dedication. This could become a magnificent healing force. Everyone should bless their water. When you are using a water supply anywhere, just use the blessing over it. It is very important.

It will go backwards through the pipes to the source.This week, Karen Jealouse shares a suspenseful story that opened her eyes to the big glory behind small gestures.

Karen is married to Dan Jealouse and they have two daughters and five grandchildren. Dan works with a small Christian remodeling company, and Karen has been enjoying a break from full time employment. They moved to Colorado Springs in September of and began looking for Anglican churches because their son-in-law is in the process of becoming an Anglican Priest.

From their first visit, IAC felt like home immediately. They quickly joined a small group and developed friendships. Am I really making any impact for the Kingdom? This is a question I ask myself often and probably more so in the past few months since moving to Colorado Springs.

I left my highly influential position before this move and have since reflected on what God has for me in this season. Around noon, on Friday, May 17, I heard screaming.

Help me! I ran out to find a young man lying on the ground in front of our garage door and two others trying to give him CPR. I gave them the address and then stayed with them as we waited for an ambulance to arrive — which seemed to take an eternity. The young man had no pulse, was not breathing, and was totally unresponsive. I began praying in my heart and debated if I should ask them if I could pray for the man.

So, I also started praying aloud for him and we prayed, gave CPR, and waited. When the paramedics finally arrived, they took over and the one man asked me for some water. Minutes later, as the ambulance drove off, the young man was still unconscious.

I shared the experience with my husband and honestly felt a great heaviness, knowing this young man could be dead. The next Sunday morning as we were leaving for church, I looked out on our front porch and saw that someone had left flowers. But as I read the rest of the note, I realized it was from a man named Jerry — the man who had given CPR to his brother.

I was overwhelmed to know that the young man was alive. I had literally seen a miracle before my eyes. As you can see from the note, Jerry was trying to connect with me to let me know his brother was alive. I was able to talk with Jerry and he told me that by the time they reached the hospital, the young man was talking and all the tests showed he was fine.

Ruling on reciting Qur’an and blowing into water

He had had a severe reaction to an anti-nausea drug which would have killed him had he not received help. The man also thanked me for my kindness in giving him water.

Oh Karen this is wonderful. And a great reminder to thank you for the huge gift of water you gave Sarah and me in organizing the Umaganda day at our home to help us begin the packing process. We would not have been able to meet our scheduled move without the village of IACers who came to our rescue with such loving help.

The Spiritual Power of Water (And How to Use it)

Melody on August 28, at pm.Water is the source of life. Without it we could not survive on this earth, without water there could be no earth. Every living breathing thing needs water to survive, water is life. Water is our most precious resource. Water has many uses and if it is not present in spiritual practices many rituals or sacrifices cannot be performed.

Speaking to the Water with Pat McCabe

In Tarot, the traditional Suit of Cups is the suit of water. It is receptive, a vessel, and a symbol of the deep, primordial unconscious mind and womb. Water shows us the images, or imprint, of things. Emotions, feelings, and psychic knowledge are all represented by water in the Tarot tradition. Water flows and changes, and it carries away what it cleanses.

Water is the great purifier. We wash away our sins, we cleanse our wounds, and our tears bring release. How can you do this? Yoruba Proverb! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Can I use salt and water for bathing to detach myself from sprit man incubus marine sprit am really for sure Tues if this man he has blocked everything in my life not even physical marriage good job am tied.

Can this help water and salt to cleanse myself. Day 1 of staring at water I placed my hands on the table and the ware shook. I removed both hands and it stilled.

praying over a glass of water

I then did my right hand and it stayed perfectly still. Mind you this is day one and my first adventure in this and I was wondering if there might be any meaning to it. I have slept with a glass of water with a whole lime under my bed and it took away a lot of bad energy in my life. I have a question? Yesterday I went to a yard sell the lady there told my some stuff that only I know about.

Is a way to protect yourself and get rid of a spirit that is always with you.Archangel Gabriel is known as the Angel of Revelation because God has chosen him to make important announcements throughout history. Gabriel often communicates with people through dreamswhen the human mind is most open to learning something new. During sleeppeople tend to be less afraid of meeting angels and less distracted by daily concerns than they are in waking life, so dreaming is a perfect time for spiritual guidance.

If you've been praying for guidance about something—such as how to make an important decision or solve a difficult problem—Gabriel may send you a dream message to steer you toward God's will. The best way to begin any type of communication with Gabriel is by praying—either to God, by asking Him to send Gabriel to visit you in your dreams, or to Gabriel himself, by inviting the archangel to visit you directly.

Keep in mind that you're more likely to encounter Gabriel if you've prepared your soul for a holy encounter. Make some time before bed to confess and renounce your sins, and make a fresh commitment to live faithfully for God. Pray specifically about the topic on which you'd like Gabriel to give you guidance. The process of focusing your waking mind on what you hope to dream about is called dream incubation. This is because Gabriel oversees communication between angels and human beings. He can help you move between levels of consciousness with ease, allowing you to interpret God's messages in your dreams with clarity and accuracy.

praying over a glass of water

Holy water —which is simply water that someone has blessed by praying over it—is an especially effective tool to use when you hope to communicate with Gabriel. You're actually physically infusing the water with your spiritual intentions. Then drink half of the water.

In the morning, as soon as you wake up, drink the other half and pray for the ability to remember as much as possible from your dreams. Some people who hope to hear from Gabriel during their dreams place a few drops of essential oil on their pillows before going to bed, as a way of welcoming Gabriel's angelic energy into their bedrooms. Essential oils the pure oils of plants store and amplify electromagnetic energy, just as crystals do.

Since spiritual energy—like that of angels—manifests itself physically by means of electromagnetic energy, people sometimes use essential oils and crystals to draw angelic energy to places where they hope to encounter angels. The white ray represents the purity and harmony that come from holiness. There are many essential oils that you can use to attract Gabriel's energy—those that closely correspond to Gabriel's light ray. Among those, the following oils are especially good to use in your bedroom before going to sleep:.

Using an essential oil that relates to what you hope to dream about may help you focus on that topic in your dreams, as well as attract Gabriel's angelic energy.

Hello! I’m Marie-Eve.

That's because God has made emotions the creative force that propels thoughts into actions. He may make you aware of positive emotions, such as showing you how excited you truly are about an opportunity that God is encouraging you to pursue.

Gabriel may also send you emotional energy as part of the message God wants to communicate to you through a dream. For instance, Gabriel may send you a sense of peace about a decision you're considering making. Begin with whatever you recall first, and then work backward to see if any other details emerge. Share Flipboard Email. Whitney Hopler. Religion Expert. Whitney Hopler is a writer and editor who has covered faith since It is believed that God gave several archangels supervisory duties over the four natural elements on earth, and the angel who oversees water is the archangel, Gabriel.

Here's a look at why Gabriel is the angel of water, and how Gabriel's primary focus on communicating messages links with water. Gabriel specializes in communicating God's messages. May your word to me be fulfilled. Water is receptive to energy. Water molecules form crystals in response to the energy vibrations that people direct toward it.

It is suggested that this is why holy water is considered a conduit for people's prayers. Gabriel helps people pay attention to God's messages either while they're awake or while they're dreaming. This famous angel of revelation also delivers divine messages usually in response to people's prayershelps people figure out what God's messages mean, and teaches people how they should respond to divine messages.

The ancient practice of scrying gazing into the water while praying for spiritual guidance may bring people into contact with Gabriel. Since water is clear, it reflects whoever or whatever is looking into it, like a mirror does.

Gabriel also encourages people to reflect, by helping them listen to, and understand, their thoughts and emotions. Through that process, people can become more aware of the state of their souls.

Renowned water researcher Masaru Emoto, who investigates how water molecules change scientifically in response to people's interactions with it, says that water changes people as well. Since the human body contains a large amount of water an average of 60 to 70 percent water for adultsthe water in people's cells resonates with the energy of the water people look at when they're reflecting on their lives.

Another way that people ask Gabriel to give them clarity about something is by praying over a full glass of water before going to sleep. People invite Gabriel to send messages of guidance in their dreams and then drink half of the water before going to sleep. Then, they drink the other half just after waking up.

People often use water to purify themselves. Physically, water washes the dirt off the body. Spiritually, water represents the process of God cleansing people's souls from sin.

Gabriel urges people to pursue purity in a holistic way—spirit, mind, and body—so they can grow in holiness.

praying over a glass of water

Gabriel's angelic energy manifests to human beings through the white angel light raywhich focuses on holiness. Like water, Gabriel's energy flows into people's lives when they pray for help with issues such as replacing negative attitudes with positive ones and overcoming unhealthy behaviors while developing healthy habits.Blessing cannot be sought from the relics of anyone else.

Blessing was sought from the relics of the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him during his life and after his death, if those relics remained. Umm Salaamah may Allaah be pleased with her had a small bell-shaped vessel of silver in which she kept some hairs of the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon himfrom which the sick sought healing. If a sick person came to her she would pour some water over these hairs and stir it, then give it to the sick person.

But apart from the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon himit is not permissible to seek blessing from the saliva of anyone, or from his sweat or his garment, etc.

Rather this is haraam and is a kind of shirk. If the blowing into the water is done for the sake of seeking blessings from the saliva of the one who blows on it, then it is haraam and is a kind of shirk. And Allaah is the Source of strength. Password should contain small, capital letter and at least 8 characters long. Log in Create an account. Can't log in to your account? If you do not have an account, you can click the button below to create one.

If you have an account, log in. Create new account Log in. English en. Publication : Views : What is the ruling on doing that?. Praise be to Allah.

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praying over a glass of water

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Learn How the Archangel Gabriel Came to Rule Over Water

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